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Western Maryland Research & Education Center - Research

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) is comprised of three components: Academics, Research, and Extension. There are four geographically diverse Research and Education Centers located across the state, some having more than one facility. These facilities are operated and maintained by Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station, which is under the Research component. Various University of Maryland Extension programs are housed at several of these facilities. Campus faculty not only conduct research at the centers, but they also bring students to the field for hands-on experiences to reinforce their classroom learning. 

The Western Maryland Research and Education Center (WMREC) is a single 500-acre facility providing a platform for researchers to carry out their research projects such as agricultural, horticultural, and silvicultural crops, as well as animal science. Our researchers are campus faculty, Extension educators, and cooperating agencies.

Since 1977, more than 90,000 individuals utilized WMREC through more than 1,800 high quality educational programs.

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