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Delmarva Poultry University-Industry Partnership Summit

List of Posters

University of Delaware

 Emergency Poultry Disease Response - Eric R. Benson and Robert L. Alphin

 Energy Efficient Broiler Lighting - Robert L. Alphin and Eric R. Benson

 Gene expression analysis of Wooden Breast Disease in three distinct modern broiler chicken populations - Michael Babak

 Use of 9CFR Part 107.1 (b) to Control a Variant Strain of Nephropathogenic Infectious Bronchitis Virus in Delmarva Broiler Chickens - Brian Ladman

 Innovative technologies to mitigating air emissions from poultry operations - Hong Li


University of Maryland Eastern Shore

 Reduction of Salmonella in Ground Chicken Using a Commercially Available Bacteriophage -Ar’Quette Grant, Salina Parveen, Jurgen Schwarz, Fawzy Hashem and Bob Vimini    

Molecular characterization of Clostridium perfringens isolated from broiler chickens experiencing necrotic enteritis - Samuel N. Mwangi

Controlling Ammonia Concentration Levels In Broiler Houses Using Flat Membrane Technology - Felix Buabeng


University of Maryland, College Park

Nutritional Enhancement of Soybean - Wendy Peer

The Peer Lab - Wendy Peer

Composting effective at reducing estrogens in broiler litter - Lance Yonkos and Gary Felton

Turning Poultry Litter to Energy with Enhanced Nutrient Recovery: Overview of Anaerobic Digestion, Gasification and Fluidized Bed Combustion Projects - Stephanie Lansing, Gary Felton, Freddy Witarsa, Amro Hassanein, Rohan Tikekar and Jonathan Moyle

Optimizing phosphorus digestibility through calcium management. The importance of digestible calcium - Roselina Angel

Metabolic and hormonal effects of heat stress in broiler chickens - Tom Porter

The importance of UV light for broiler well-being - Rachel Lynn Dennis

A recombinant Newcastle disease virus (NDV) expressing S gene of infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) protects chickens against virulent IBV and NDV challenges - Edris Shirvani, Anandan Paldurai, Vinoth Manoharan, Berin Parambethu Varghese and Siba K. Samal

A recombinant Newcastle disease virus (NDV) expressing gD gene of infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) protects chickens against virulent ILTV and NDV challenges - Asuka Yoshida, Mallikarjuna Kanabagatte Basavarajappa, Anandan Paldurai, Sunil K. Khattar and Siba K. Samal

Preventing Outbreaks of Avian Influenza Through Timely Dissemination of Practical Science-Based Information - Nathaniel Tablante, Jennifer Rhodes, and Jonathan Moyle

A Novel Vaccination Strategy for Avian Influenza - Shin-Hee Kim and Siba K. Samal

Comparison of competitive exclusion of Campylobacter jejuni by Lactobacillus casei and linoleic acid overproducing Lactobacillus casei - Zajeba Tabashum, Mengfei Peng, Serajus Salaheen, Jungsoo Joo and Debabrata Biswas

Control of Fowl Cholera in poultry caused by Pasteurella multocida with Natural Organic Feed Supplement - Serajus Salaheen, Jose Alejandro Almario and Debabrata Biswas

Reduction of Campylobacter jejuni colonization in poultry by stimulation of Lactobacillus casei growth with peanut fraction - Serajus Salaheen, Daniel Hewes, Jose Alejandro Almario and Debabrata Biswas

Reduction of Campylobacter colonization in Poultry Grown in Mixed Crop-Livestock Farms with cheap byproducts of berry fruits - Serajus Salaheen, Mengfei Peng, Cecilia Nguyen, Christine Mui and Debabrata Biswas

AGNR's Agricultural Nutrient Management Program (table display) - Patricia Steinhilber


Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine - VA Tech

Proposed Mechanism for the Pathogenesis of Clostridial Dermatitis in Turkeys -  M. Lighty, T. LeRoith, R. Evans, N. Sriranganathan, F. Elvinger and F. Pierson

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: An Unconventional Approach to the Control of Foodborne Salmonella - L. Settle, M. Seleem, N. Sriranganathan, and F. Pierson

Improved Methodology for Titration of Hemorrhagic Enteritis (HE) Vaccines Using Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) - H. Mahsoub, N. Beach, F. Pierson

Unusual Phenotypic Characteristics of Ornithobacterium rhinotrachealae in Virginia - J. Walters, M. Mahsoub, L. Craig, R. Evans, and F. Pierson

Determination and Analysis of the complete Genomic Sequence of an Avirulent Strain of Avian Hepatitis E Virus: Identification of Critical Amino Acid Mutations in the Capsid Gene - P. Billam, Z. Sun, and X. Meng

Gentamycin Loaded Nanoplexes for Salmonellosis: Trafficking and Treatment Efficacy - Ranjan, N. Pothyee, M. Seleem, N. Sriranganathan, J. Riffle and R. Kasimanickam 

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