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Research Topics

Research conducted in the various centers and campus facilities under MAES relate to a wide array of topics including plant and animal genomics, infectious diseases, animal health, vaccine development, plant and animal physiology, basic biology, human health and nutrition, food safety, animal nutrition, environmental and ecosystem health, water quality, soil and watershed sciences, bioenergy, horticulture and landscape design, and interface between Agro-ecosystem and aquatic environment.  More than 100 faculty members conduct research using capacity funds, state funds, and competitive extramural grants.  Graduate students, post-docs and research associates help achieve our research goals and are trained to become the next generation of scientists and academicians. 

Most importantly, the MAES helps solve problems in urban, rural, rural-urban areas in the State of Maryland.  We collaborate actively with neigboring Land-grant institutions in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast region and participate in national initiatives.  Our scientists teach, share results and/or conduct research with colleagues all over the world.  MAES research contributes to our global aim to help ensure a safe, secure and sustainable food supply for all.

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