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Organizational Structure

 The University of Maryland is the administering institution and has fiscal and administrative responsibilities for NRAC operation. The Center consists of a Board of Directors, the primary policy-making body of NRAC, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), the Industry Advisory Committee, (IAC) and the TIAC (Technical Industry Advisory Committee) which is comprised of the TAC and IAC.

The Center Director provides leadership for the regional activities of NRAC. The Director’s Responsibilities include:

  1. Serve as executive secretary to the Board of Directors;
  2. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Technical/Industry Advisory Councils;
  3. Coordinate development of research and extension plans, budgets and proposals;
  4. Coordinate and facilitate interactions among the Administrative Center, Board of Directors and Technical/Industry Advisory Council;
  5. Monitor research and extension activities sponsored by NRAC;
  6. Arrange for external peer review of proposals for technical and scientific merit, feasibility, and applicability to priority problems;
  7. Prepare summary budgets and reports as required under the grants;
  8. Prepare and submit to USDA the NRAC plan of work and annual report;
  9. Recruit other Administrative Center staff as required;
  10. Maintain liaison with other Regional Aquaculture Centers;
  11. Serve as a member of the National Coordinating Council for the Regional Aquaculture Centers in conjunction with other Regional Center Directors and USDA representatives;  
  12. Facilitate communication amongst and between the research, extension and industry communities in the Northeast; and
  13. Transferring funds for implementation of all projects approved under the grants and contracts.
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