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Clarksville Facility

Clarksville Facility

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) has several off-campus research facilities across the state. The Central Maryland Research and Education Center – Clarksville Facility is located in Howard County approximately 30 miles from the University of Maryland, College Park campus. At 925 acres, this is the largest research facility owned and operated by Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES).  It is home to the University's dairy cattle and equine research herds.  

Numerous faculty carry research projects at the facility, including those from University of Maryland Extension and the Departments of Entomology, Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, Environmental Science & Technology, and Animal and Avian Sciences. The federal agencies of the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also utilize the facility.

Areas investigated are forage production, alfalfa and corn variety trials, small grains and soybean varietal improvement, forage related insect pest management, nutrient management, pasture management, composting, nursery crops, wetlands, thermodynamics, turfgrass, organic management of honeybees, equine management practices, as well as dairy cattle nutrition, reproduction, behavior, and physiology.

During 1998, the facility became the site of a 45 acre habitat restoration site including some restored wetlands along the banks of the Middle Patuxent River, which flows through the farm. This project received collaborative support and funding from two USDA agencies (Natural Resource Conservation Service and Farm Services Agency), Howard County Soil Conservation District, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the University of Maryland. It is a project that directly supports former Governor Glendening's efforts to re-establish wetlands as part of the Chesapeake Bay quality improvement program.

AGNR holds its only college-wide open house at the Clarksville Facility in the fall each year. Several thousand people attend the event to learn more about the College’s academic, research, and Extension programs.   Learn more about the open house at .

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