College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
AGNR Research

Project Team

University of Maryland

Robert L. Buchanan, Food Microbiologist (Principal Investigator)

Kate Everts, Vegetable Plant Pathologist

Benjamin Kedem, Mathematics

Erik Lichtenberg, Natural Resource Economics

Shirley Micallef, Microbial Ecologist

Jianghong Meng, Food Microbiologist

Clare Narrod, Risk Analyst

Abani Pradhan, Risk analyst

Christopher Walsh, Production and post-harvest physiologist

University of California-Davis

Michele Jay-Russell, Food Safety & Security Specialist

University of Delaware

Kali Kniel, Food Parasitology and Virology

University of Florida

Michelle Danyluk, Food Microbiologist

Renee Goodrich-Schneider, Food processing and distribution systems, Extension specialist

Keith Schneider, Food Safety Specialist

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Fawzy Hashem, Environmental Microbiologist

Ohio State University

Jeff LeJeune, Extension/Food Safety Specialist

Rutgers University

Wesley Kline, Agricultural Agent/Extension Specialist

Don Schaffner, Extension Specialist

United States Department of Agriculture - ARS

Patricia Millner, Research Microbiologist

Manan Sharma, Research Microbiologist

United States Food & Drug Administration - CFSAN

Sherri Dennis, Risk Analyst

David Oryang, Risk Analyst

Michelle Smith, Policy Analyst

Additonal Research Staff

Munira Agarwal, Graduate Student, Rutgers University

Brian Buzzie, Laboratory Assistant, University of Florida

Corrie Cotton, Research Assistant, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Lorrie Friedrich, Senior Biologist, University of Florida

Scott Gereffi, Graduate Student, University of Florida

Saharvetai Jeamsripong, Graduate Student, University of California - Davis

Tamador Khairi, Graduate Student, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Gwen Lundy, Senior Technician, University of Flordia

Sasha Marine, Post-doc, University of Maryland

Luis Martinez, Technician, University of Florida

Abhinav Mishra, Graduate Student, University of Maryland

Ruth Oni, Graduate Student, University of Maryland

Sivaranjani Pagadala, Post-doc, University of Maryland

Donna Pahl, Faculty Research Assistant, University of Maryland

Hao Pang, Graduate Student, University of Maryland

Kenneth Shenge, Research Scientist, Ohio State University

Pat Spanninger, Graduate Student, University of Delaware

Aswathy Sreedharin, Post-doc, University of Florida

Zeynal Topalcengiz, Graduate Student, University of Florida

Elina Tselepidakis, Graduate Assistant, University of Maryland

Ashley Turner, Graduate Student, University of Florida

Fei Wang, Post-doc, University of Maryland

Wen Zhou, Graduate Student, University of Maryland

Industry, Government, & Academic Collaboratiors

Hank Giclas, VP for Science and Technology, Western Growers Association

David Gombas, Senior VP for Food Safety and Technology, United Fresh Produce Association

Martha Rhodes Roberts, University of Florida

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