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Advisory Panel

Specific segments of the fresh and fresh-cut produce industry are in critical need for validation of developing "metrics" for the objective evaluation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Hygienic Practices (GHPs) in order to enhance the microbiological safety of their products.  It is this need that makes them a key stakeholder in the sucess of the "Leafy Greens and Tomatoes" research being conducted for this project and also why we have decided to establish a Produce Industry Advisory Panel (PIAP), made up of key industry representatives, to provide initial and ongoing review, input, and involvement in research direction.

In addition to the PIAP, we have also enlisted the guidance of a Government Agency Advisory Panel (GAAP)that will provide similar input as the PIAP but from a regulatory perspective.  This panel, made up of representatives from key government agencies, will ensure that the project objectives are continuously meeting the needs of key stakeholder groups beyond the big produce industry names (i.e., small and organic farmers).

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