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Scientific Research

Since it’s inception in 1999, the Center has funded 68 research projects with $7 million obtained through the USDA CSREES Special Research Grants Program,  the Hatch Act, the State of Maryland General Assembly and through private foundations.  These funds were matched by $2.9 million from in-kind, cost-share, and other sources for a total research investment of $9.9 million.  The research findings provide decision makers at the federal, state, and local levels with science-based guidance on important topics such as:

  • The use of the enzyme Phytase in poultry feed to reduce phosphorus levels in manure
  • Ways to improve the federal Conservation Security Program (“green payments”)
  • Protecting Maryland’s investment in land preservation through supportive local zoning and compatible transportation policies
  • The use of downzoning as a tool to preserve farmland
  • An economic assessment of the forestry industry in Maryland
  • Identifying alternative crops and niche markets to help farmers who wish to transition from traditional commodity crop production
  • Designing riparian buffers to maximize environmental benefits
  • Enhancing the economic development of resource-based industries on the Eastern Shore
  • Creating a blueprint for an effective TDR program based on other successful models
  • Identifying the presence and effect of endocrine disrupting compounds in poultry litter
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