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Growing for Good

A rolling farm field in Maryland

Growing for Good: Farming and Forestry in Maryland

A report assessing the public's awareness, attitudes and engagement with agriculture and forestry

Growing for Good: Farming and Forestry in Maryland is a new report conducted in summer 2018 that looks at the public’s awareness and engagement with agriculture and forestry. This is the first study of its kind completed in Maryland to gain a baseline measurement of consumer behavior and attitudes toward these economically and environmentally crucial industries. Overall, the survey shows that Marylanders have many connections to agriculture and hold highly favorable views toward farming operators in the state. However, we also found there is a lack of understanding about the forestry industry.

View the report to see what we learned about how consumers view agriculture and forestry in Maryland.


People seen at a farmers market in Maryland 

Key Findings

Many Marylanders:

  • Feel connected to agriculture
  • Have favorable impressions of farming
  • Do not understand the forestry industry
  • Carry misconceptions about clear-cutting
  • Are surprised by agriculture's economic impact


Hands holding a tree sapling

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