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University of Maryland Extension Presents:

Beef Producter's Short-Course Series I

September 14-15, 2018,  at Wye Angus, Queenstown, MD 21658

Beef Producer's Short-Course Agenda

Beef Producer's Short-Course Application


Any questions please contact Racheal Slattery at or phone: (301) 405-1392




2018 Newsletter




Wye Angus Past and Present,    powerpoint presentation


RFD TV Segements about the history of the Wye Angus Herd.

"I Am Angus",, first aired December 19, 2011

"Cattlemen to Cattlemen",, first aired August 23, 2011

"Maryland Farm to Harvest, 2014 Wye Angus Sale,

AngusOneMagazine "Wye Angus" Article



Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed Steer Project

Dr. Jiuzhou Song started a research project in the fall of 2011 examining the effects of how finishing cattle on an alfalfa and orchard grass diet alters the epigenetic status of genes affecting beef quality and the fatty acid profile.  The ultimate goal of this research project is to develop methods that beef producers can use through dietary interventions to produce a highly palatable and nutritious product.


2017 Grain-Fed Carcass Data

Grainfed 2017 Handout (Click to print)

2017 Wye Angus Grainfed Steers 1

Wye Angus Grainfed Steers 2

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